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Our COVID 19 Response

Support Department

We have moved our entire Support Department off-site where they are working remotely 24 hours a day.

Build Department

Apex Gaming is considered an essential business and production continues as normal.

Sales/Marketing Department

Both Sales and Marketing have been moved off-site and will return to work (remotely) Monday March 23rd.

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All PC parts are created equal, but not all PCs are created equal. We build every PC as if it were our own.

Apex Gaming Is


When we develop PCs we never cut corners, to ensure that you have an impeccable gaming experience every time you power on your Apex Gaming PC.

Apex Gaming Creates


Buying your dream PC should be an unforgettable experience. Join the Apex Gaming family today.

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Impeccably Designed Using Only The Best Parts, Nothing Comes Close To An Apex Gaming PC.

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Apex Gaming = Socially Responsible

Veteran's Discount

To the men and women who put their lives on the line for all of us daily. Thank you, and let the discount we provide show a portion of our appreciation.

Green PCs

Everything we can recycle, we recycle. Everything we can reuse, we reuse. It's our way of going green.


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