Fraud Prevention Policy

Fraud Prevention Measures

Identity and Payment Verification Policy:

Apex Gaming PCs is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and fraud prevention. As part of this commitment, we may request from any customer a government-issued photo identification, along with a photograph of the credit card utilized for the purchase. It is imperative that all details on the credit card are obscured, save for the last four digits and the expiration date.

The photo ID must be issued by a recognized authority and should clearly display the customer’s first and last name, along with a billing address that corresponds with the one registered by the credit card issuer. In instances where a photo ID cannot be presented, a utility bill may be accepted as an alternative form of verification under specific conditions.

This procedure is instrumental in our efforts to combat credit card fraud, enabling us to confirm the congruence between the information provided by the customer and that on file with the issuing bank.

Should a customer be reluctant or unable to comply with these verification requirements, Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right to cancel the order, applying any applicable fees as per our policies.

By proceeding with a purchase on or any associated websites, customers acknowledge and consent to this policy.

Policy on Address Changes:

To further ensure the integrity of transactions, Apex Gaming PCs mandates that all requests for address changes post-purchase be submitted via email. This email must originate from the same address associated with the initial order. Verification of the original address will require the submission of a government-issued ID, a utility bill, or a credit card statement reflecting the said address.

Please note that address modifications cannot be facilitated through phone calls or our chat service, underlining our commitment to safeguarding customer information and preventing fraudulent activities.