International Shipping and Orders

International Shipping Policies:

All Duties and Taxes charged on any shipment outside of the United States are to be paid by the customer directly to the shipping provider (UPS, FedEx, USPS or DHL). Failure to do so may cause delays. The amount must be paid in full directly to the shipper and cannot be paid to Apex Gaming PCs. The cost and shipping cost of all PCs does not include any taxes or fees you may owe.

Apex Gaming PCs notifies all customers when a PC ships via email to ensure that the PC can properly be tracked to determine if fees are due. If you have any questions on how to pay duties or taxes, please contact, we are happy to assist you.

Furthermore Apex Gaming PCs will proactively contact all customers whose PCs are being held due to customs fees if UPS provides us with that information, in an attempt to ensure delays are minimized. 

Apex Gaming PCs will not be held responsible for any return shipment caused by unpaid taxes or duties. In the event a shipment is returned due to unpaid taxes or duties a 25% Restocking and Service Fee will be applied to the order and the return shipping cost will be charged to the customer. 

In the event a PC is destroyed by the shipping provider due to unpaid taxes or fees, Apex Gaming PCs is unable to return any of the funds paid for the PC.

Apex Gaming PCs highly encourages all customers shipping internationally to monitor their packages shipping changes to ensure that the taxes and fees are paid on time to ensure a prompt delivery. 

International Orders Case Sizes:

Apex Gaming PCs will not ship any cases other than mATX cases due to the cost associated with shipping ATX sized cases outside of the United States and Canada.

If you wish to have your PC shipped in an ATX case, shipping will cost roughly $400 more than the flat rate charged to you due to the size of the PC. In order to change your PC to an mATX size, Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right to change your parts from the standard size to the mATX size, but will never down grade the quality of the parts. 

International Shipping Policies Regarding Monitors:

Apex Gaming PCs unfortunately is unable to ship monitors outside of the United States. If you place an order with a monitor to be shipped outside of the United States, the monitor will be removed from the order, and you will be refunded accordingly.