Apex Carbon
Apex CarbonApex CarbonApex CarbonApex CarbonApex Carbon
  • Extensively Stress Tested & Reviewed

  • Built For Raw Gaming Performance

  • Custom Built For You Exclusively

  • Entirely Built With Brand Named Parts

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The Apex Carbon utilizes the best PC parts on the market all while beating our competitors by an average of $372...did we mention there are no taxes or shipping costs either! Every Apex Carbon is built by hand and tested for over 48-72 hours to ensure the highest level of quality, and that doesn't even include the 45 minutes our builders dedicated to wire management on every PC.

Why go with the Apex Carbon? It's simple really, here at Apex Gaming, we care more about your experience than anything else. From the moment your order is submitted, to the moment you are gaming and a power outage damages your power supply, we are always there ready to help. If there is one thing our customers will tell you, is that we are always ready and willing to help no matter the situation.

The Apex Carbon comes standard fully built and ready to go, the computer is fully built, with Windows 10 Pro installed, drivers installed and every other pre-build step complete prior to delivery. 


CPU - Intel i5-9600K | i7-9700K | i9-9900K
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition
Motherboard - MSI Z390-A Pro
RAM - 16GB | 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200
GPU - NVidia RTX 2060 S | 2070 S | 2080 S | 2080 Ti

SSD - Western Digital 250GB NVMe M.2

HDD - Optional
PSU - EVGA 600W 80+ PSU Semi Modular
Case - Corsair 460X + Corsair RGB Fans & Controller


We believe buying a custom PC should be truly exciting and engaging for every customer. In an effort to best ensure your new Apex Carbon is exactly the way you imagine it, we get all our information directly from you. The day after your order is placed an Apex Technician contacts you over the phone to discuss all of your preferences, games you play, and talk to you about every aspect of your new Apex Carbon.

Following the finalization of the build, that same Apex Technician who reached out to you will get started on your Apex Carbon. Installing every single part by hand, inspecting the PC twice, and consulting you at every turn we make sure every Apex Carbon is a masterpiece built just for you. 

Following the build completion an Apex Engineer will contact you to discuss your Bios and Operating System Preferences. Do you prefer Wired Connection or WiFi? Would you like us to disable all processes that are not required? How about tweaking your PCs overclock to play PUBG at a higher frame rate. You name it, and we will make it happen for you.

After all is said and done, your brand new Apex Carbon is reinspected, packaged, and is sent on your way to you. Have any questions after it arrives? Feel free to reach out to your very own dedicated support staff member. That's right, no phone menus, no hold lines, just your very own Apex Support Staff member ready to assist you whenever you need them

Welcome To Apex Gaming - A Truly Personal Experience. 

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