Apex's 2024 Roadmap

Update #2 - 02/11/2024

We are hiring! As promised in our last update, we are expanding our Customer Service and Operations Teams to better serve our customers and ensure timely order fulfillment. If you want to work with Apex, apply now with the provided links!

Customer Service - (Link Pending)

Operations Lead Indeed Post

Update #1 - 02/10/2024

Dear Apex Gaming PC Family,

Last week, we really took a moment to look closely at what we've been doing at Apex Gaming PCs, and we're excited to share some updates and actions we're taking to fix our mistakes.

We've been growing fast and bringing in new folks to help lead the charge, but we've realized not all decisions matched up with what Apex Gaming PCs is all about. We're making sure now that everyone on our team is on the same page, aiming to deliver top-notch PCs and stellar service, because that's what matters to us. It's a real disappointment when any of our customers don't get the experience they deserve, and we're here to make things right with a focus that's all about you.

We know we've dropped the ball on getting orders out on time in in 2022 and 2023. So, if you ordered a PC from us between January 1st, 2022, and today, and your order arrived late, we're offering a $200 credit for your next upgrade or service. Expect an email from us about this real soon.

We're also super excited to let you know that starting March 31st, 2024, we'll be getting custom builds to you in 2-4 weeks. Plus, we've already been hitting our marks with Same Day Ship (SDS) systems since January 13th, 2024, showing we're on a mission to cut out those pesky delays out entirely.

Right now, we're shipping out about 85 PCs a day, with many of our team putting in extra hours to make sure these PCs are something we're proud of. We're on track to hit our 2-4 week lead time goal by March 15th, 2024, a whole two weeks early, though there might be a slight wait for those eyeing an RTX 4090 due to supply hiccups. But don't worry, we're staying in touch with updates as we have them.

We're also getting our customer service team together to hammer home that we're here to do right by you. If it's not something we'd be happy with ourselves, we won't offer it to you. We've had times where we missed the mark, but we're ready to listen, learn, and make it up to you if you give us the chance. Plus, we've tweaked our returns and cancellations to be more about you, and introduced new policies for parts and their conditions.

We will also be adding additional staffing to our RMA Team to ensure that if your PC is ever down, we are able to get you back up and running in as little time as possible.

Finally, our social media team will be expanding to ensure that any comments that do not reach out Customer Service team are brought to their attention. We realize we have failed many times to address concerns brought forward by customers on various social media platforms, and we will make sure we are more on top of that.

To wrap it up, we've got our work cut out for us, but we're dedicated to making Apex Gaming PCs one of the most customer-friendly brands in 2024, getting back to why we started all this in 2019.

Expect updates from us soon!