Paledn Statement

Dear Apex Gaming PCs Customers,

I am contacting you today in light of a development that occurred this past weekend. Apex Gaming PCs has previously purchased Peladn branded GPUs, which were advertised as new, with no issues or signs of use. All of these GPUs were inspected to ensure that they were indeed new, as Paledn is a newer brand in the GPU market, and we wanted to ensure their products were meeting our expectations.
However, this past weekend during an inspection, a Paledn GPU that was purchased as new from Peladn, and shipped from a Newegg warehouse, was determined to be used by a member of our Build Department.
Due to this determination, we will be returning all of our current Paledn inventory, and Apex Gaming PCs will no longer be using Paledn for any future orders. 
Furthermore, if your PC was delivered with a Peladn GPU, we will be taking the following action:
  1. Warranty For All Paledn GPUs Extended From 1 Year To 10 Years - All Apex Gaming PCs delivered with a Paledn GPU will have their GPU warranty extended from one to ten years to ensure that any decreased GPU life expectancy is covered at no additional cost. If your GPU fails in the next nine years, we will replace it free of charge.
  2. Inspection and Replacement - Apex Gaming PCs will inspect any Paledn GPUs for signs that it was previously used, prior to installation into your PC. Given the GPU is currently being used, we will be relying on the strength of the wear markings on your GPUs PCB to determine if the GPU was previously used. If your GPU is determined to be used, we will replace it free of charge. 
  3. Rebate - All customers who received a Peladn GPU, will be eligible for a $250 Apex Gaming PCs credit that can be redeemed towards a new PC, or upgrading your PC in the future. 
Both the Warranty and Rebate will automatically be applied to all orders. If yo would like to have your GPU inspected please email
We would like to note that Apex Gaming PCs inspects all inventory prior to shipment so we do not believe that any of the GPUs we shipped previously were used, however, it is possible. Because all GPUs are tested by Apex Gaming PCs to ensure they are meeting or exceeding the expected performance for your GPU, your Paledn GPU is guaranteed to be functioning at or above the expected performance. However, if the card is used, it may experience a decrease in its life expectancy. Given Apex Gaming PCs will be providing a ten-year warranty on these GPUs, we recommend continuing to use your PC normally. However, if you would like to take advantage of the inspection and replacement option, we encourage you to do so.
We sincerely apologize to all of our affected customers for the headache this may cause. This situation is proof that our rigorous inspection processes work, and we are confident that no, or very few used GPUs were shipped. However, we do recognize that we need to be more careful about the brands we purchase from, and where we purchase inventory from. As such, will be reviewing all of the brands we currently use, and the merchants we purchase from.