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Apex & Chadoy have come together to design and build some of the best GTA V inspired PCs on the market, created by Chadoy himself.

Designed By Chadoy

FiveM and GTA V have taken the PC gaming world by storm. As one of the most popular GTA V/FiveM streamers, Chadoy has teamed up with Apex Gaming to offer some of the best options when it comes to PC gaming.

Engineered By Apex Gaming 

With the design covered by Chadoy, our engineers came up with some of the best combinations when it comes to gaming.

High Quality Parts

Never worry about the parts included on your PC. From EVGA to MSI here at Apex Gaming PCs we only use the highest end PC parts on all of our PC models. 

Chadoy's PCs

Customer Service

We've Got Your Back, When You Need Us Most

High End Parts

Name Brand & Brand New Parts On Every PC

Quality Checks

Industry Leading Stress Testing Processes

Backed By Chadoy

Who Doesn't Love Chadoy Anyway?

Apex Gaming PCs + Chadoy

Specifically designed for Chadoy's subscribers, Chad's PCs were developed to be able to handle any game on the market, while outpricing every single PC builder on the market. Thinking of building it yourself? Check out PCPartPicker for yourself, we even beat their prices!