Apex X1


The Apex X1 Technical Specs

CPU - Intel i7-1165G7

GPU - Intel Xe Graphics

RAM - 16GB DDR4-2666 (Upgradable)

SSD - Team Group 256GB NVMe (Upgradeable)

Keyboard - White Backlight

Security Features - Facial Unlock, Pin, Password

Battery - 49Wh Battery

Operating System -  Windows 10 (Activated)

"Above and Beyond Service"

Kevin and the Apex Team went above and beyond when I ran into trouble with my PC. By far the best customer service on the planet. The Apex team truly cares about their customers.

"Upgrades Only For Me"

The 2019 holiday season had me purchasing two PCs for my twin boys. When Apex informed me that the GPU I had selected was out of stock, they promptly upgraded my selections for free.

"World Wide Reach"

Apex may be in the States but let me be clear we love Apex here in Australia. Shout out to Syntac for an awesome build keeping us satisfied down under. 

Apex Gaming is committed to being the only system integrator that uses name brand parts exclusively on every model. We only use brand-new, high-quality parts on all of our PCs, from your CPU to your power supply. You will never receive "Apex RAM" or a power supply from a brand you have never heard of.

We don't build cheap, low-quality PCs. You deserve better than that.

You deserve the best PC you've ever owned at the best possible price. At Apex Gaming, that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

All Apex Gaming PCs ship with XMP enabled, an overclocking profile saved, Windows 10 optimized, high-performance power settings, and all drivers installed. All PCs ship with Nvidia GeForce Experience pre-installed to ensure your GPU drivers are consistently updated for best performance.

Apex Shipment Review

Stress Tested

  1. CPU Stress Tested Using AIDA 64
  2. GPU Stress Tested Using MSI Kombustor
  3. Overclocking Checked Using Prime95 & Blender
  4. Benchmarked Using Cinebench R20

Quality Review

  1. XMP + Overclocking Profile Saved
  2. Power Settings + Partitions Verified
  3. GeForce Experience Installed
  4. Accessory Verification