why apex? HEre's Why.

Part Quality

Apex Gaming NEVER uses "Apex RAM" or "Apex Power Supply's" because in reality, these are cheap options that often come from low quality factories. Apex Gaming ALWAYS uses brand new parts from high-end, well known brands such as Corsair, MSI, ASUS, Thermaltake, Cooler Master, and EVGA.


Apex Gaming uses industry leading software and tools to make sure your computer is running 100% correctly and at maximum performance all before shipment. Every computer is stress tested at least 48 hours. If there is an issue, the computer is 100% rebuilt from scratch. No other company can offer such attention and care in building computers.


Tired of seeing $700 dollar markups on custom gaming computers? We are too. We offer a new solution in which we offer transparent and honest pricing ensuring that you always get the best bang for your buck.


Hate phone menus? How about 20 minute chat support lines? Apex Gaming doesn't have a phone menu, and never lets you wait in line to talk to someone. Have an issue? Call us, text us, chat us, or email us! We are here for you 24/7 and are always happy to help. 


Do you have an issue with your computer? Cat knocked it over? CPU caught on fire? We've got you covered. Apex Gaming offers a lifetime labor warranty and warranties all parts for 2 years or as long as their factory warranty. So you can sleep easy tonight knowing your computer is covered if an alien shoots it with its laser gun.


That's right, we're smart. Apex Gaming has four engineers with degrees from top 100 universities in the United States all ready to help you optimize your build. Our founder graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering, so we think he knows what hes talking about.

So What are you waiting For?