Part Upgrade & XMP Policy

Part Upgrade

Apex Gaming PCs works hard to ensure all customer's PCs are delivered in the exact configuration ordered. From time to time however, part availability may fluctuate causing major delays on certain parts. In an effort to ensure your order is not delayed Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right to provide customers with upgrades free of charge to ensure their PCs are able to ship as soon as possible. Some examples of these changes can be found below. 

Rest assured Apex Gaming PCs will always ensure any changes to your PC are an upgrade, and never a sidegrade or downgrade. In the event you feel as though the change to your PC was either a sidegrade or a downgrade Apex Gaming PCs will happily offer you a rebate or a part change. This notification must be made to Apex Gaming PCs within 14 days of the delivery of the PC. 

Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right not to upgrade a customers PC if certain criteria is not met. Not all delayed orders are eligible to be upgraded free of charge. 


  1. Customer Orders RTX 3070 - PC Delivered With RTX 3070 Ti
  2. Customer Orders 3200 MHz RAM - PC Delivered With 4000 MHz RAM
  3. Customer Orders 120MM AIO - PC Delivered With 360MM AIO

By purchasing any Apex Gaming PCs product you agree to the above terms.

XMP Policy

Apex Gaming PCs provides all customers with RAM that is capable of performing at the selected speed when purchased. However, various configurations may not allow the RAM to run at it's advertised speed. Apex Gaming PCs ships all PCs at the highest stable RAM speed possible.

As such, we encourage you to check the physcial sticker on the RAM stick provided in your PC, to verify you recieved the correct RAM speed, if that speed puchased, does not match your BIOS or Task Manager. 

Apex Gaming PCs ships all computers that are capable of XMP with an XMP profile enabled. 

Overclocking Policy

Apex Gaming PCs offers "Overclocking" on all of it's gaming PCs. Please note, that based on the configuration selected, certain PCs may only be able to be CPU overclocked, GPU overclocked, and CPU and GPU overclocked depending on the configuration.