Computer Leasing Powered By Apex

We understand how expensive and complicated buying a PC can be, so Apex Gaming developed our own in house Computer Leasing. Simply select your PC, begin your lease for 12 months, and either return your PC, buy-out your PC, or get a new PC before you return your old one. Either way, Apex Gaming wants to give you the power to afford the latest PC hardware, without any of the worries.


Step 1 - Select Your PC

Select the PC of your choice, and build it out to your desire. After completing your build add it to cart and continue to checkout! 

Step 2 - Apex Leasing @ Checkout

When completing checkout, select Apex Leasing as your payment method. Don't worry, we will contact you as soon as we get your order to set you up and answer any questions!

Step 3 - Complete Leasing Form

Complete our leasing form, and one of our Leasing Agents will reach out to provide you your payment options. You are free to cancel at any time! Once agreed upon, enjoy our PC!

Step 4 - Plan For Your Next PC

PC hardware is constantly changing, so as your lease nears the end we will out to talk to you about your new hardware options and make sure your PC arrives before you have to send back your old one!

Step 5 - Return Your Old PC

After 12 months, return your old PC. Don't worry about your hardware being outdated, or things breaking, you have a new PC all while paying less than the total cost of the PC!

Step 6 - Repeat

After your first 12 months is complete, you will have the option to buyout your PC, return your PC and not get a new one, or get a new PC. The control is always in your hands!

Do I Need To Qualify?

There is no need to qualify for Apex Leasing. All applicants are approved. After completing your purchase you will be prompted to complete a Leasing Application. If there are any issues one of our Leasing Agents will reach out to you!