Fraud Prevention Policy

Standard Fraud Prevention

Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right to request any customer's photo ID, and a picture of the credit card used in any purchase (with all information blocked out except the last four digits, and expiration date). 

The photo ID must be government issued and include a first and last name, and a billing address that matches the one provided by the credit card issuer. If an ID is not available, a utility bill may be accepted in some circumstances. 

In an effort to fight credit card fraud, Apex Gaming PCs will use this information to verify the information provided by the issuing bank, matches the information provided by the customer.

If an individual is unwilling to do so, the order will be canceled and subject to all relevant fees.

By making a purchase on or any of its affiliated websites you agree to this policy. 

Address Change Fraud Prevention

Apex Gaming PCs requires all address changes to be made via email. The email used must match the email used to create the order. Furthermore, a goverment issued ID, utility bill, or credit card statement must be used to verify the original address. Address changes will not be processed over the phone or chat system under any circumstances.