What Makes us different

Research and Development

We do hundreds of hours of research to determine what the best combination of PC parts creates. Backed by research from Harvard graduates, we are building the best Gaming PCs on the market. 

Lifetime Warranty

Manufactures warranty their parts for their expected lifetime so why shouldn't we. As long as your parts are covered by them, they are covered by us. Learn More

Transparent Pricing

We tell you exactly how we break down the price of our computers so you can make sure your getting the best deal. 

Why Apex Gaming?

Simple. We build industry leading Gaming PCs and charge a simple build fee. We also include an industry leading lifetime warranty on ALL systems. 

Don't get ripped off by other system builders. Discover the amazing world of Apex Gaming PCs. Learn More.

Part suppliers

Are You A US Veteran or First Responder?

Here at Apex Gaming we would like to thank you for your service. Please contact us to recieve your first response discount. Please note, valid goverment issues ID will be requested to verify active status.