How Do I Re-Seat My RAM On My New Gaming PC?

How Do I Re-Seat My RAM On My New Gaming PC?

Re-Seating Our RAM

So, you just got your brand new custom gaming PC and it turns on but you're not getting any display output. The first thing we will want to try is re-seating our RAM. The process is fairly simple, and Daniel will walk you through the process in the video below.

Double Your Gaming PC's Max. Bandwidth Through Dual Channeling:

If you have two or more sticks of RAM it is important to ensure the RAM sticks are put in every other slot on the motherboard (typically slot 2 and slot 4), if you only have two RAM slots (DIMM Slots) you will not have much of a choice! We do this to ensure you take advantage of something called dual channeling. Doing so effectively doubles your gaming PC's maximum bandwidth of its memory, as both modules can be accessed at the same time. If you only have one stick of RAM this does not apply to you.

Protect Your Gaming PC While You Do This!

There are two things to note before starting. Your gaming PC should be turned off and unplugged from its power source. After this is complete, ground yourself my touching something metal to ensure you are not carrying a large amount of static electricity. This is not super important, but we would rather be safe than sorry.


If you have any questions about the video below, or any questions about your new gaming PC in general, feel free to reach out to Apex Gaming's Support Department.


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