How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gaming PC?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gaming PC?

With most PC part shortages over, it's time to get excited about the discounted stock from major retailers. While the excitement is palpable, the requirement and knowledge for building your PC take a bit of a learning curve to do effectively. 

The cost of building a gaming PC may be as low as $300 to meet the absolute bare minimum of requirements. However, better builds of course cost more; ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 or more at the higher end.

This article covers what affects the cost of building a gaming PC on your own and compares it with using an online System Integrator or buying a prebuilt rig.

The Cost of a Gaming PC Varies

While $300 to $1000 may seem like a small amount, the truth is the cost of building your own gaming PC varies greatly. Here is the current scale in the cost of PC hardware in 2022.


An Entry Level PC can cost anywhere from $600-$1,000 to build for those looking for parts primarily bought from retailers or system integrators. This budget can get a low-tier CPU and integrated GPU or a dedicated GPU.


What makes a PC mid-range is its higher part quality and chipset variation. Mid-range PCs in the $1,200-$2,000 range will often exhibit higher chipset values like the newer motherboard chipset variations from older Z370 models to the newest B660M for Intel or from a B450M to the more recent B550M from AMD. 

With these differences in chipset type, factors in board design are apparent in overclocking options like XMP (Xtreme Memory Profile) or DOCP (Direct Overclock Profile) for the best user experience. 

High End

For the best performance, no expense is spared for high-end builds hosting the latest and greatest component releases like the newest generation of motherboards like the Z690, unlocking the highest designation CPUs and GPU ability to perform on the highest settings. 

Price ranges for these configurations can range from the $2500-$3500 range depending on variables like expanded storage options, RGB components, and extra peripherals.


Going past the high-end, enthusiast builds go beyond consumer PC parts and feature the highest performing custom components from brands specializing in aftermarket or specific use cases. Well-known brands like EKs custom water blocks, EVGA’s KINGPIN motherboards, ASUS’s ROG Dark Hero motherboard series, and MSI GODLIKE motherboards are infamous to those looking for the most high-end experience possible.

These boards give way to the highest bandwidth opportunity for overclocking and intense workloads like 3D rendering software. With a wide range of usability and the most specialized hardware in the consumer market, most of these components are in PC builds costing $3,000-$5,000 or even more, depending on the case and peripherals.

What Games Contribute More to the Price

Games can detract from the CPU, RAM, and GPU combination load. Here is a list of the most intensive operations for components to endure:

GPU intensive- Games like CoD: Warzone have been pushing the boundaries of graphics and overall performance. Games built on making the most significant amount of FPS or graphical detail have required better cards as games adapt and become more performant over time for low-end hardware. This makes them the overall most demanding for consistent performance. 

CPU & RAM intensive- Real-time tragedy games have many AI calculations that directly affect the CPU and RAM. This also extends to MOBAs (Massive Online Battle Arenas) like DOTA and MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) like Final Fantasy XIV, with many entities interacting or attacking at any given time.  

A combination of the three- Graphically intense and AI-dependent games often demand the most from a system depending on the gaming settings. An excellent example of games that push components to their absolute limit is Star Citizen, Assassins Creed Valhalla, and Forza Horizon 5 due to how their game engines interact with the GPU, CPU, and RAM. 

Time Involvement For Building a PC

Depending on your component types and how high in the component tier listing you want to go. For beginning PC builders, It takes upwards of four to six to even ten hours for your first PC builds. Frustration and nerves contribute during the build process, which can cloud judgment. Experienced builders, like those at Apex Gaming PCs, complete PCs within an hour and a half to two hours. Building day after day and common build knowledge are required skills to bring the build time down.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A PC?

This all said, the importance of understanding how each component factors into each other is a skill best learned over time. 

System Integrators like Apex Gaming PCs encourage you to make our systems your own by going through a manufacturer that protects you from getting defective parts and instability from retailers, saving you from an RMA process. If you want to later down the line modify your system for your needs, you have the confidence to do so knowing that your  

That is why Apex has a variety of customizable gaming PCs to give you the best cases and baseline options for added coolers, fans, and other components down the line!

At Apex Gaming PCs, we are more than happy to help you with your future upgrade plans and determine what components you'll need today so you will be ready to upgrade. Whatever your performance needs, we hope to be of service at Apex!


Written by William Wilson

Photo Credits: Pavan Bhakta

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