Finding the Best Apex Legends Gaming PC

Finding the Best Apex Legends Gaming PC

Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm in early 2019, keeping its development a secret until its launch! Now it's placed as number 4 in the top 5 concurrent games played on Steam (at the time of writing), making new players wonder if their gaming PC can keep up.

Apex Legends is reasonably optimized to run in its current state with hardware from the last 8 years. This is a higher requirement than in competitive games like CSGO, Valorant, Fortnite, or Overwatch. But overall still attainable even in the entry level market.

To run a game like Apex Legends, Apex Gaming PCs recommended our line of custom gaming PCs capable of delivering well over the required limit for playing on 1080p monitors and above.

This guide covers everything you need about the kind of Apex Legends gaming PC you need and the hardware and software optimization involved with getting the best competitive edge. 


Hardware Requirements for Apex Legends on PC 

Apex Legends requires some relatively recent hardware concerning its other competitive battle royale shooters in the current market. You can find a complete list of requirements here, but let's go into detail on what a gaming PC needs for Apex Legends to run smoothly.

CPU For Top Performance

With Apex Legends specifically, Intel's newest generation of 13th-generation CPUs is the leading brand in overall performance with the most hardware on the market. This is due to the current version and optimization efforts by Intel learning to integrate into a new generation of motherboards fully utilizing PCIe 4.0.

Best GPUs for Apex

The gold standard for a competitive Apex experience is the later RTX 20 or 30 series of cards from Nvidia. With a consistent frame rate of 75+FPS on an RTX 3060 on 1080p or 1440p monitors, putting effort into the GPU rather than the CPU.

How Much RAM Does Apex Use?

RAM being utilized is the most significant factor for gaming systems. The recommended amount of system RAM on the outline planning to run Apex is 8GB. However, the best recommendation for general is to have at least 16GB of system memory for basic multitasking.  

Is Apex CPU or GPU Intensive?

Apex Legends is GPU intensive over CPU. This is due to the game engine and the texture quality needed to display the quality Respawn have put into their environments. While the line of sight and draw distance for enemy players is of the utmost importance, the GPU takes the brunt on those sorts of responsibilities, having the CPU and RAM support where needed.

Apex Legends PC Build Examples

What does a PC that runs Apex Legends look like? Apex Gaming PCs have some examples of what you may be looking for in a desktop at multiple price points to run Apex Legends.

Low Settings

Getting into Apex Legends on low settings is easy and affordable. Apex Gaming PCs have you covered with our 50% build option with Apex Build 16743, with everything to meet the recommended requirements for Apex Legends. Its estimated 60-70 FPS on low settings will keep you in the game all for under $700 pre-tax and shipping.

High Settings

Our Apex Gold on our Custom PC mainlines for a previous generation option surpasses the recommended system requirements for something with a little more punch. The gold offers a 12100F and a GTX 1650, exceeding all recommended requirements and delivering around 60-70 FPS on high settings.


Ultra Settings

Apex Legends on ultra settings involves a bunch of quality-of-life settings like temporal anti aliasing and isotropic filtering. In addition to more graphic options becoming available, this also enables higher resolutions like 1440p and 4K to be reliable enough for competitive gaming.

For this, Apex Gaming PCs recommend the Apex Xtreme to handle the demands of Apex Legends at those resolutions and settings, enabling a more streamlined response time and clarity. 


Apex Legends Gaming PC FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Apex Legends' impact on your system's performance. 

Is Apex Legends Heavy on PC?

Compared to other competitive battle royale games, yes; Apex Legends is a fairly heavy game on PC. With other games like Fortnite, CSGO, and others requiring hardware Cira 2013, Apex Legends requires a more modern CPU and an older GPU like the GTX 640 to run at the specified minimum requirements.

Why Does Apex Run So Bad on My PC?

There are multiple reasons why Apex Legends could be performing badly on your gaming PC, from system/driver updates to dependent hardware like the GPU or CPU needing to be optimized for gaming. In any case, ensure your components are up to date before playing.

Can a Gaming Laptop Handle Apex?

A fairly recent gaming laptop can handle playing Apex at recommended settings. It should be a minor factor in how the game performs regarding the difference between gaming laptops vs. gaming desktops and their pros and cons.

Summary of the Level of PC You Need to Play Apex Legends

In today's market, most gaming PCs from retailers run on the minimum or recommended requirements for Apex Legends if they are components released within the last 8 years.

You can hit an average of 60 FPS for most casual play, with some exceptions. Aiming for 100 FPS will be more beneficial in the competitive scene as the situation relies on split second reaction times.

At Apex Gaming PCs, there are many sub $1,500 systems that you can buy or finance that will hit the mark for both casual and competitive play. With lines like professional player Simply Ashtons PC line, whose content offers excellent pointers for those wanting to enter the competitive scene. Whatever your Apex Legends PC configuration needs, we hope to be of service at Apex!

Written By William Wilson

Photos by Dylan Lamb

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