Our Gaming PC Build Process

Our Gaming PC Build Process

At Apex Gaming PCs, we strive to enable people every day to get access to PCs capable of playing modern triple-A titles, indie games, or your favorite emulated games brought to PC. 

From boxes to installation, each process is completed by people in inventory, building, quality control, and shipping to ensure your gaming experience is seamless and fun from startup to sign-off.

The Journey Our PCs Take

Every PC from Apex Gaming starts in multiple boxes processed by our “Lads” in inventory to ensure that we have every component needed to assemble orders placed on our site. In addition, any last-minute upgrades you may want in your PC, our team are tasked with pulling and pushing your parts between the customer service, building, and quality control departments. 


After inventory, those boxes are handed to our builders, who proceed with the fun, but demanding job, of building out a PC to order. Steps within the build process include initial assembly and optimizations from our team of build leaders offering advice and ensuring that all PCs meet the Apex standard in quality.

Hardware Checks

When a builder is complete with their builder, it is taken to the final hardware QC process to ensure that every aspect of the PC meets our standards. Every available PC connection is plugged in or secured in an accessible location. In addition, every primary set of cables is noted and labeled with a corresponding color for the ease of the end user. 

Once passed, the PC is placed in software QC to begin its software functionality check.

Software Quality Control Checks

Software quality control checks are one of the last places we check a PC in its entirety before being sent to shipping. Technicians check and compare customer order info to what is being QC’ed and any further upgrades or final requests from our customers, culminating our entire process to make sure the following is done:

XMP Enabled

In the BIOS of every motherboard that supports it, XMP(DDR4 and below) or EXPO(DDR5 Only) is enabled on the motherboard to ensure the maximum number of memory transfers is achieved when gaming or during productivity.

Overclocking Applied

Apex Overclocking is anything but a cookie-cutter process . Quality Control will experiment and find the redline for every CPU, GPU, and RAM combination, allowing the system to run under stress and various scenarios. 

Windows 11 Optimized For Gaming 

In every window Install, there are a few necessary settings to adjust in Windows to ensure a seamless gaming experience. In addition, a copy of the specific Windows 11 key will be kept on hand via our support team, ensuring safekeeping.

GPU Drivers

The best way to get hardware accustomed to new releases is by updating the GPU drivers. These drivers are often overlooked over time, but specific applications will rely on constant driver updates to perform correctly.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is an integral part of gaming and complete system utilization. After each test, results are recorded and emailed to the customer. We run two major stress tests for a long duration. The results show how well the gaming benchmark is utilized overall, and the other highlights how well the system did compare to similar hardware on the same test.

With the ability to crossmatch results to similar hardware, meaning if the results do not match what is expected of the hardware, the build team is tasked to swap out the affected components before proceeding.

RGB/Customization Testing

Depending on your RGB options, your control options will be physically on the case or behind the back panel, or through one of the many RGB software spending on your motherboard manufacturer. You can find a complete list of supported RGB software and methods in our RGB Control Guide.


Packaging is the final part before our logistics service picks up our boxes to be delivered to customers. Here our team ensures that the sending address, contents, and accessories like peripherals are added or shipped alongside your PC. 

This is also where we include our Instapack, instructions to set up your PC, and our helpful video setup guide

Summary of Our Build Process

From boxes to PCs, Apex Gaming PCs takes excellent care and pride in making presentable systems that offer a wide range of customization and uses. 

You also make this process possible as we strive to make our ordering experience more streamlined. If you experience any issues or want more information about our PCs' journey, please contact support@apexgamingpcs.com or call +1 (215) 565-1069.