The Ryzen 7000 Series: Performance And Efficiency On A New Platform

The Ryzen 7000 Series: Performance And Efficiency On A New Platform


AMD has released the specs for a significant performance jump onto the newest iteration of their CPU microarchitecture platform, Zen 4. 

Heads at AMD unveiled the benchmarks compared to “the competition” being Intel’s 12900K. While manufacturer benchmarks are not the end all results for this latest generation of CPUs, the technology explained and the percentage increase in performance and efficiency is something to get excited about!

Here is what we know about what the Ryzen 7000 series will do for gamers and creators and when Apex will incorporate these CPUs into our systems.

(Credits: AMD)


The most impressive claim is that over Intel, the 7600X slightly outperforms the highest model of the last generation, not even a year old. 

In addition to performance over the entire lineup, AMD introduced two additional software and hardware functions for these new generations of CPUs, AMD's EXPO “Extended Profiles for Overclocking” utility for DDR5 and, most notability, AMDs switch to an LGA(Land Grid Array) socket for AM5.

The king of LGA has notably been Intel starting with their Pentium 2 CPUs in 1997. With AMD's switch to LGA, the competition for the best design on that platform is beginning to heat up over the coming years, starting with Intel’s release of its 13th series CPUs.

Let's look at what Intel is competing with the highest-performing CPU in the 7000 series.

The New Leader in Desktop Computing


With its impressive core count, boost clock, and L2 and L3 cache space, the Ryzen 9 7950X, paired with the proper hardware, can easily surpass 400FPS in F1 racing. This makes monitors capable of running 360htz become a bottleneck. 

Over the 5950X, the 7950X also claims to be over 30% faster for the creator benchmarks like those above. There is no word how that will affect other workstation programs like Adobe Premier or game engine editors. 

Apex Gaming PCs Plan For The Ryzen 7000 Series 

Apex Gaming PCs plan to introduce these new chips into our custom builder and primary line PCs in 1-2 weeks after launch. With single core performance speed, the highest it's ever been for AMD, these next generations of Ryzen-based prebuilds will have the potential to be faster than ever before with the RTX 40 series.

Here is the presentation on everything we know officially from AMD:

Written by William Wilson

Graphs and Header Photo Credits: AMD