Are Pre-Built Gaming PCs Good?

Are Pre-Built Gaming PCs Good?

Are Pre-built Gaming PCs Good?

Gaming is widespread enough that it encompasses many different device industries. From consoles to phones, you can find gaming in the pockets and houses of over 2.5 Billion people on Earth. Besides mobile gaming and consoles, gaming PCs are one of the most popular forms of gaming in recent years. 

System Integrators like Apex have pre-configured systems with hardware built to have an effective range of performance and quality in each custom gaming PC. Not only can our builds last longer, but they are fully compatible with upgrades done by the user and built for both people with no technical PC knowledge and the budding enthusiasts looking for the right building blocks for incremental upgrades. 

What is a Pre-built PC?

A Prebuilt PC is a system that uses proprietary or industry-standard parts assembled by a company or individual commonly sold or provided to a user for a variety of intended workloads.

These systems usually come with an OS and preloaded programs from manufacturers depending on what customers order, making it convenient to set up and offer safeguards for the customer if anything were to fail with the system. This makes pre-builts suitable for the average consumer looking to work on a PC or start replacing parts. 

Pros of Having a Prebuilt

Getting a prebuilt is a safe bet for wanting to get into gaming or other workstation-related activities. System Integrators cover many issues that come up during assembly like DOA (Dead on Arrival) components, quality control where all parts endure stress testing, and parts warranty for customers looking for assurance.

Guaranteed Part Compatibility 

As stated in the intro, Apex does not use any major proprietary parts that would be not compatible with other third-party brands. Apex has its own AIOS, Fans, and power supplies that have compatibility with the prominent Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA-based components. This extends to other companies like EVGA, MSI, ASRock, and others down the list.

Low Barrier for Entry

Prebuilt companies market towards those looking for a cohesive experience for software or gaming without thinking about modifications or maintenance; however, pre-builts are great for that approach. 

With guaranteed part compatibility, incremental upgrades to the storage, GPU, and PSU are possible on most pre-builts. Switching PC parts is significant for hands-on experience for those looking to learn about the technical side of PC hardware. 

Depending on the System Integrator and the parts used, some features are intentionally left out of motherboards, making them difficult to upgrade. Here is an article explaining what features some motherboards don't have and what to keep in mind for upgrades

Product Guarantees & Warranties

System Integrators like Apex want you to have a positive experience when setting up and using one of our PCs or products. While that might not be the case for everyone, System Integrators have a comprehensive safety net that offers customers support and assistance for their PC if any issues occur. 

Apex offers a default 1-year warranty on parts for free to every customer from the delivery date. Our lifetime labor warranty on all Apex PCs means you won't have to pay a cent for service fees related to installation work. 

Latest Hardware Availability

With an on slot of new hardware on the horizon, scarcity and price has the potential to go up with every new generation. System Integrators work on different acquisition avenues than conventional retail stores to ensure rolling stock for a majority of orders. 

Most new components are available for purchase on the first day of release as stock can be ordered in higher quantities for system integrators. Waiting a couple of weeks for a PC with the latest hardware is sometimes better than sourcing it yourself in a retail market, depending on store availability.

Cons of Owning A Pre-built PCs

While pre-builts make it easier for people to access higher quality PC components and programs having better performance, some have shortcomings.

Initial Price Difference

A primary argument for enthusiasts against pre-builts is the price difference from MSRP and the profit margin that comes along with it for the System Integrator.

Overall, PCs can be more expensive than others for many reasons, including but not limited to component increasing in price, shipping costs, and the taxes and fees associated with PCs sold by System Integrators.

Shipping and taxes usually add unforeseen totals to the build's initial budget, so establishing a hard or soft cap for a PC would be advantageous if you price out your system accordingly.

Warranty Exceptions 

Warranties for PCs are pretty straightforward if you are a tinker looking to get into modifying a prebuilt. Some companies have some leniency when accepting modifications done to PCs. 

For example, Apex warranties for slightly modified PCs that originally came for us differ on a case-by-case basis depending on what needs replacing. Other companies might not be so forgiving to upgrades and may not honor any modifications done to the system during its ownership.

Overall, Pre-builts can be great for getting an original set of parts but depending on what parts you replaced and issues with those replaced parts, you may have an issue. 

Build Quality 

While some system integrators take time to prove the best possible PC component configurations, there is room for design error. Many prominent System Integrators produce cases or components that fit specific tolerances designed by a team, which can cut corners regarding airflow, storage accommodation, and system component health due to heat exposure.



Pre-builts have a lot to offer to those not tech-savvy with the latest PC knowledge. Pre-builts can provide a standardized quality for the best components in a given budget for years to come depending on your workload.   

When it comes to delivering the best experience for productivity and gaming, Apex has your back! We not only include added accessories from the build process but have one of the best examples of pristine wire management. Whatever your pre-built PC needs, we hope to fulfill them at Apex!

Written By William Wilson

Photo Credits: Pavan Bhakta

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