RGB Controller Guide

RGB Controller Guide

Are you looking to customize your Gaming PCs lights and other accessories? Good news for you! Apex Gaming PCs has a list of usual software and tips when changing options from RGB down to your LCD screen to display any gif of your choice!

Understanding How To Change Your RGB

Depending on the system you ordered from us, there are specific ways to access your RGB functionality, from downloading specific software to physically accessing your RGB controller; let's go through the process for your particular system.

Motherboard controlled

Motherboard control pertains to our Apex RGB Fans, Apex AIOs, 3rd party AIOs, and other dependent connections. To control the lights through the motherboard, skip to our section on finding the correct manufacturer's control software.

If you don't know your motherboard, no worries! Type "System Information" in windows search bar and a list should pop up. Your looking for this:

Physical Control Button

Located behind the back panel on the power supply or chassis, there will be a physical RGB controller with options for over 40 lighting presets for any connected device. You can cycle through the available presets by hitting the button(s) on the physical unit.

Remote Control

Depending on our inventory, our controllers can also come with remotes that control the color of any connected device, eliminating the need to access the RGB controller physically. These remotes will control most options from display mode to color, along with some direct presets for particular colors. 

Case Controlled 

Depending on how your PC is wired and the case accommodations, you can physically change the RGB via a button on top of the case. If you don't have a designated RGB switch on your case, your builder may have wired the reset switch to control the RGB! If you would like to investigate, you may see a similar setup for your physical control as seen in this photo:

Getting The Right Software

The RGB software depends entirely on your motherboard and the overall support from the manufacturer. Here is an official list of Software that Apex Gaming PCs primarily use.


ASRock Polychrome Sync

Picture description
Download Polychrome Sync



Additional Information:

See Compatibility List Here 


ASUS Armory Crate

Download Armory Crate Here
Additional Information:

Gigabyte RGB Fusion 

Picture description

Download RGB Fusion 2.0




Additional Information:

See Compatibility List Here

Download Aorus Engine(Needed For Gigabyte GPUs)


We hope you got everything you needed from the brief guide on getting your systems correct RGB software or establishing how you can control your RGB. Should you need any additional assistance, please contact support@apexgamingpcs.com or call+1 (215) 565-1069.