Apex Budget Build 37453

Apex Budget Build 37453 is a budget PC built with all brand new parts and features an AMD Ryzen 5 5700X, RTX 4070, and 16GB of RAM. Apex Budget Build 37453 is designed for PC gaming at 1080p on high settings and 1440p on medium to high settings.

Apex Budget Builds are designed to provide the best bang for your buck, using older-generation but still powerful PC parts to maximize your every penny. In addition, Apex Budget Builds look good too, and include RGB Fans, and RGB Lights standard on all PCs.

Apex Budget Builds are recommended for those looking to save money by purchasing prior-generation hardware with less of a long-term upgrade path, to maximize the performance of their PC today.

Built By Apex
Custom Built To Order
$300 In Savings
Office Ready

Apex Budget Build 37453

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Apex Budget Build 37453



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