Apex Build 18753

Save over $200 on Apex Build 18753. How can you save this much? Build 18753 is previously used or is built with some used parts and will have all parts that are deemed poorly functioning replaced with brand new parts!

All Apex Refurbished PCs are backed by the same one-year warranty and, and get the exact same lifetime customer service as a brand new PC! All PCs are rigorously tested before shipping, and always include a brand new CPU Cooler, RAM, and SSD. Check out the parts list below!

Built By Apex
Custom Built To Order
$200 In Savings
Office Ready
Apex Build 18753

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Regular price $1,278.95


Apex Build 18753 - Ryzen 5 2600 - 16GB of RAM - RTX 3060



The Selected Option Has A Compatability Issue And Needs One Of The Highlighted Items