Do You Need A Gaming PC & Are They Worth It?

Do You Need A Gaming PC & Are They Worth It?

For those committed to gaming consoles and laptops, getting a gaming PC seems like a significant step up for performance over cost value.

Gaming desktops offer a host of advantages over laptops and consoles. Features like upgradable components, more airflow, and expanded USB and monitor capabilities become achievable with more hardware. The hardware benefits will become apparent in systems valuing $800 over the benefits over some consoles and laptops.

This article goes over determining if a gaming PC is worth it and do you need a gaming PC for your needs.

Do You Need A Gaming PC?

Getting a gaming PC is worth it for people who want access to a wide variety of games, future customization, and a system powerful enough to handle other tasks. From performance to aesthetics, many variables go into creating a setup that evolves and changes with you as you grow into what you want.

That said, looking at custom gaming PCs should start with what you want out of your system. If you're a more casual player, you don't need as intense of a system as hardcore gamers.

Casual vs. Hardcore Gaming

The distinction between casual and hardcore is starker than you think. Having the basics in a gaming setup is a far cry from having other luxuries and accessories that make a setup stand out. 

Casual gaming revolves around a generally smaller setup with one monitor, small to moderate desk space, and, most importantly, an entry to mid-tier gaming PC capable of running a smooth 60-144FPS on your favorite games.

Hardcore gaming can be defined as having the best of the best hardware and peripherals along with accessories that make your setup your own. Items like multiple monitors, monitor mounts, UPSs (Uninterrupted Power Supply), and, most importantly, a high-end gaming PC capable of pushing higher graphical settings at larger resolutions like 1440p or 4k

These configurations are by far the most costly, with the overhead for these systems costing anywhere from $2,000 to well over $5,000. While not important, it's best to anticipate the workloads you will be experiencing. 

Who Could Use A Gaming PC?

Gamers looking for a more capable system to play the latest games and remote workers who play in their free time both benefits from getting a gaming PC. Not only can office work be handled, but 

After enough exposure, anyone can use a gaming PC; the main hurdle is getting comfortable with the keyboard and mouse, along with smaller adjustments like seating and monitor position.

From a kid receiving his/her first gaming PC, to a retiree many years young, a gaming PC is for all ages and workloads!

Good For Everyday Use

While known primarily for gaming, gaming PCs are great for almost every other task imaginable of their capabilities. With some exceptions to rendering and programs requiring workstations, most PCs are without high-end or enthusiast parts that handle a majority of tasks.

Upgradability and Customizations

Due to accessories and customization and a full-price range of parts, it is easy to get people into PC gaming, whether you build it yourself or get one from a prebuilt company. While gaming is implied in marketing, most PCs can be used for almost any task required from programs, video games, or web applications.

Alternatively, getting a prebuilt gaming PC and upgrading over time is a viable solution for cost-effective performance over the years with money put into components over time. Our Apex 50% Build series are popular for this type of modification if you don’t mind waiting till after your warranty.

Choosing the Right PC for You  

The levels of gaming PCs can be categorized into three tiers; low, mid, and high. Here are the best PCs for those looking for the best introduction to PC gaming/PC multitasking.

Entry-Level: Apex Silver 

The best low-end PC for the price is our Apex Silver due to its versatility in pricing. For around $1,300, you can have a Ryzen 5500 and GTX 1660 super for a powerful combination to take on most games on a 1080p monitor on medium to high settings.

Mid-Range: Apex Platinum

For those looking to get more out of their system for the price, the Apex Platinum is a great base for mid to upper-tier components starting at around $1,500. The Platinum is ideal for those looking to get into high-resolution gaming at 1440p and even 4k when choosing a mid to higher-end GPU like the RTX 3070. 

High-End: Apex Xtreme

If you are looking to spare no expense regarding performance and aesthetics, look no further than the Apex Xtreme. With the ability to upgrade to a 13900KF and an RTX 4090, it is the best option for those looking for the latest and greatest performance for video games and software rendering. 


For those wondering about the benefits of getting a gaming PC and whether PC gaming is right for them, now is never a better time! With a plethora of hardware on the market, system integrators are a great route for those trying to understand upgrading PCs.

At Apex Gaming PCs, we have multiple options to help you on your way, including our site support technician available through chat and Whatever your needs for a gaming PC, we hope to fulfill them at Apex!

Written By William Wilson 

Photo Credits: Pavan Bhakta & Dylan Lam & Giveaway Winner

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