How to Install a Wi-Fi Antenna into a Gaming PC

How to Install a Wi-Fi Antenna into a Gaming PC

Below is a guide on installing Wi-Fi antennas for your dedicated PCIe Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card or securing Wi-Fi antennas to the motherboard. 

This process does not need any hand tools and can be done within a minute. If you have any questions or do not know how to proceed during the course of the guide, please contact a customer service agent at or by calling (215) 565-1069.

Why a Wi-Fi Antenna?

It is best to think of an Antenna as a conduit for the Wi-Fi signal in the area.  Antennas dramatically increases the clarity of the receiving and sending signal, including the speed. 

Wi-Fi antennas come in different sizes and features, which we will cover in this next section.

Getting Started 

In your Apex Gaming PCs accessory box, there will be two antennas that can screw into the back of the Wi-Fi card or motherboard. These are typically small producing antennas that can be manipulated. Other higher end models provide an antenna base and extension wires to better position the Wi-Fi receiver. If you don't have these antenna modules, you can contact support or source your own from retailers like Amazon

Prepping your PC

Installing the Wi-Fi antenna means getting your PC in a more open space and looking to the back of the system. You will be looking for two shiny terminals on the lower end of your PC. 

You may see two different sets of terminals located on the motherboard and the PCIe slots; please only use the motherboard terminals if your PC does not have an included PCIe Wi-Fi card. Vise Versa, only use the PCIe card terminals if you have both.


Taking the two antennas, screw them onto the terminals until they are hand-tight, making sure to push the brackets away from one another for the best reception of the Wi-Fi signal.

Once the antenna and other connections are installed, please position your PC in its resting place, as we will not need to access this area. 

Driver Installation

At Apex Gaming PCs, we have multiple types of PCIe Wi-Fi cards preloaded with the proper drivers and motherboard settings to use Wi-Fi cards at their maximum capacity.

If you notice a significant dip in connectivity or often experience general bandwidth issues, reinstall your Wi-Fi drivers using programs like Driver Booster.


If you still have issues after a driver reinstall, here are some possible solutions.

  • Move the PC to a more open space. Having your antennas under a desk or behind a large wall can block Wi-Fi signals in the area. If you haven't already, consider getting antennas with longer wires for better reception.
  • Ensure the terminals on the back of the PCIe card are secured. Make sure the terminals are secured hand-tight, and the antenna is facing the opposite direction from each other for the best reception.
  • Check which terminal is being used. Please refer to the prepping your PC section to ensure the proper terminals are used. 


We hope this guide is informative and helpful regarding installing Wi-Fi antennas on your gaming PC. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience, please contact our support team at or by calling (215) 565-1069.