Eric H - WA Feb 17th, 2019
Apex Team - between the snow and the distance I am surprised my computer ever got here. While I will admit, I am not the easiest person to please, you all were the best to deal with and got this custom water cooling loop looking amazing. The Apex Red/Apex Black color combo looks amazing, and I would not have asked for a better job. Thanks again for all of your hard work and sick ideas when it came to putting this bad boy together
Melissa R - PA - Feb 4th, 2019
I cannot stress how lucky I was to find you guys. I am confident that had I chosen any other builder, that they would have blocked my calls, emails, and chats. Not only were you all so helpful, but your patience is amazing. Being a single mother and needing to understand all of the computer terms thrown my way, I was thankful to have a team of helpful, kind, and incredibly patient people behind my back. Specifically, I would like to thank Henry, William, and Dan for all of their hard work.
Teresa L - UT - Nov 11th, 2018
Hi Apex,
Wanted to thank y'all for the amazing service and getting my computer fixed after UPS so stupidly decided to what seems like throw it around. I know that Dell or HP would never have taken care of me like y'all did. Thanks again!
Kind regards,
John H - NJ - Dec 22nd, 2018
Hi Apex Team,
I just wanted to let you know that the package was delivered today! I greatly appreciate your help in making sure it arrived in time for Christmas, even with a little confusion coming from UPS.
I opened the box just to make sure nothing was damaged in transit and was very pleasantly surprised to see the note letting us know that you had upgraded the computer from the model we had initially ordered. Thank you so much for this! I’m sure my son will be absolutely thrilled.
As I think I had mentioned in a previous email, we came to your website after Best Buy seriously dropped the ball with a computer we had ordered on Black Friday. 
My son found your website, and I was initially hesitant to order something like this from a company I hadn’t heard of. Your customer service has been top notch. I realize time was a bit tight from the time I placed the order until Christmas, but not only did you come through on time, but you kept me up to date on the shipping progress, and even offered to drive the computer here to make sure it arrived by Christmas. I’ve never seen that level of customer service before. And on top of that, you gave us an upgrade!
I will not hesitate to recommend Apex to others looking to buy a gaming PC. I’m sure my son, who knows many more gamers than I do, will recommend you to his friends as well.
Thank you again for your help, particularly with my somewhat concerned emails regarding the delivery date, and for your outstanding customer service.
Have a great holiday!
Hank S - NY - Dec 27th, 2018
Hi William,
I have to tell you that the service I received from both you and Brian was great. I know that when my son reset the computer by accident it was not your fault or anyone at Apex's fault for that matter but you both stepped up to help us get the computer up and running in less than an hour. 
I have experience with other computer makers and your service, build quality, and true family-like atmosphere made this experience the best computer buying experience I have ever had. 
I will be sure to recommend Apex Gaming to anyone looking for a new gaming pc. You guys should definitely expand into the higher end models though!