Read This - Apex Disrupts The Industry

Want to avoid making a huge mistake when buying your next PC. Read this, we promise you won't regret it.
In 2009 our founder and CEO was appalled by the outrageous prices being charged by all of the boutique PC makers. Sometimes thousands of dollars in profit, being stolen right out from under the average consumer. Some of the biggest companies in the PC world still take part in this awful practice.
Not only would these companies charge ridiculous prices, but they would also deliver mediocre PCs, with pathetic support, with emails sometimes not being answered for weeks. Don't believe us? Just check some of their BBB profiles or some of the awful Yelp reviews for some of the biggest names in gaming.
Disgusted by the reputation that the Gaming PC industry was getting, Apex Gaming was born.
We are starting the revolution of the Gaming PC industry by providing computers with transparent pricing. How do we price our computers? Simple - Price of Parts + Marketing Costs + Labor + $89 Build Fee = Advertised PriceHow do we handle support? 24/7 Email Monitoring, 24/7 Direct Phone Lines (Without Any Menu To Redirect You), and Happy Support Agents Who Will NEVER Leave You Hanging. What kind of parts do we use? 100% name brand, brand new, parts that we would want in our computers. Nothing that is from some brand no one has ever heard of.
Go ahead, try out some of our competitors and see what happens. You will get an average product, with average parts, at rip off prices, backed by a support team that has been known to let repairs go on for weeks. How long do we take on repairs? 24 hours. Not weeks. 

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