Introducing Apex advance - the first computer lease

LOw lease rates

Get this. Get the $1,799.95 Apex Carbon For Only $63 A Month For A Year. Send It Back Next Year, And Get The New Apex Carbon With Better Parts!  Or buy it for up to %50 off. Never Pay $1,800 Up Front Again.

new tech

Technology Moves So Fast. Your Computer You Bought In March Is "Old" In September. But Don't Worry, With Apex Advance Your Upgrade Is Around The Corner. 

zero liability

CPU Stop Working? Not Your Problem. A New Computer Will Be Sent Out The Same Day For 100% Free. Never Worry About Broken Parts Again.

How it works

Step 1 - Select Your PC. All Of Our PCs Qualify For Apex Advance. 

Step 2 - Determine Your Rental Rate. The Apex Silver Rents For $20/Month and The Apex Carbon Max Rents For $88/Month

Step 3 - Use Your Computer For 12 Months. If Anything Goes Wrong, Reach Out And You Will Get A New PC Shipped Out Within 24 Hours.

Step 4 - Send Back Your PC And Get The Newest Model For Up To 20% Off Monthly!

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lease rates:

  • Apex Silver - $20/Month

  • Apex Gold - $23/Month

  • Apex Vanquish - $39/Month

  • Apex Carbon - $63/Month

  • Apex Carbon Max - $68/Month