So Why Apex Gaming You Ask?

In 2018 when Apex Gaming PCs first branched online, our founder Bill sat every employee down and explained to each and everyone one of us our company goals. The first goal was to provide the best computers for the best prices possible. While we certainly have to make a profit to pay our employees, rent and all of that fun stuff, we do our best to give you the best price! 

However, we will only give you that best price with PCs made from parts we would use in our computers. We do not sell "Apex RAM" or "Apex Power Supply" because  we are in the computer business, not the RAM business. We believe in putting all of our brain power towards quality computers, customer service, and never ending crazy (good) ideas for our customers!

Finally, we thought it was note worth to point out that every month Apex Gaming PCs donates a portion of its profits to charities or foundations. After all, doing the right thing, is always doing the right thing (right?).

A Focus On Price To Performance Ratios

When buying a PC the two things that clearly matter to most is price, and performance. You want to maximize your performance for every dollar you spend. That's where we come in. Our #1 goal is to ensure you are spending as little as possible to get exactly what you want. Reach out today to find out what you need exactly!

100% Name Brand Parts

We believe that leaving part manufacturing to the professionals is the best way to go. We do not sell Apex RAM, or Apex anything for that matter. Even our Apex Silver comes jam packed with AMD, NVidia, Corsair, Crucial, Cooler Master MSI, and EVGA parts. Not a single unbranded part will be found in our PCs ever.

Straight Forward Prices

We say we beat our competitors by 10% on average. We mean it. Just do the work for yourself and you will find that Apex Gaming far outperforms even the leading PC companies when it comes to price to performance. After all, what really matters when it comes to buying a PC? Part quality and price. Everything else is pretty standard if you ask us!

Friendly Staff Ready To Help!

We are always willing to walk you through troubleshooting processes or maybe even just chat with you about how terrible Call of Duty has gotten since MW2. We are always happy to help!

Our Partnerships

We work with some of the communities best content creators, and they trust us to make their subs some of the best PCs on the market. With leading PC part quality, amazing prices, easily the best customer service, and some builds that will blow you away why wouldn't you too?