Does My Gaming PC Need A Sound Card?

Does My Gaming PC Need A Sound Card?

So, does my gaming PC need a sound card?

Google gets roughly 3,000 searches per day in which the PC gaming community is wondering if they really need a sound card for their gaming PC. The reality is, some may need a sound card for their gaming PC, others may not. Today we will look into who may need a sound card for their gaming PC, and who certainly does not.

There is no doubt your gaming experience is affected by poor audio. Poor audio can be caused by something called electrical interference which unfortunately on a motherboard runs rampant. This can create some painful crackling noise and sometimes will go as far as sounding like a cat is hissing at you (not a pleasant experience on any gaming PC).

With that being said, modern motherboards are much much better at providing quality audio. Some higher-end motherboards even come with insulating shielding to ensure any and all electrical interference is kept out of your motherboards "audio section". However, your gaming PC's sound capability is only 25% of the battle.

While we had mentioned that motherboards have come a long way in terms of audio capability, monitors have not. We are going to go out of a limb that most gaming PC users are using headsets (in which case this doesn't really affect you unless you plug your headset directly into your monitors).

However, if you are looking for a high-end audio experience you may be interested into a DAC or (Digital Audio Converter). These DACs come with amplifiers built-in that are made to match the ability of many high-end headsets. 

A few examples of some quality DACs:

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2 -

So, long story short DACs are great if you are experiencing any of the following:

  1. Audio interference from your motherboard
  2. Looking to get into music/movie production on an amateur level

Outside of those two use cases, your integrated audio should get the job done.